A high-quality prospect is one who is highly motivated to sell. Therefore, a high-quality list is one that contains as many high-quality prospects as possible. Because these prospects are highly motivated, they have a greater likelihood of being interested in selling to you without much marketing expense or time commitment.

How do I identify which sellers are the most motivated to sell?

Highly motivated sellers often have multiple reasons for needing to sell their property. These may include:

  • Delinquent property taxes

  • Property is in poor condition

  • Recently deceased owner

  • Property inherited by heir after probate

  • Absentee owner

  • Vacant home

  • Pre-foreclosure

  • Foreclosure

  • Divorce

In addition to prospect lists based on location and property details, you should also have prospect lists that represent the different motivations that your prospects may have.

How do I know if my list is high quality?

Your high-quality list contains prospects that appear on multiple lists. For example, if a prospect on your “poor condition” list also appears on your “delinquent taxes” list and your “absentee owner” list, they are a high-quality prospect because they are motivated to sell for multiple reasons. Prospects that appear on multiple lists are called Stacked Leads.

You can see how many lists a record appears on by clicking the Prospects, Leads, or Deals tab. Under List Count, you can see how many lists a specific record falls on.

Identify your highest quality records

  1. On your prospects, leads, or deals records page, click Filters.

  2. Select the Quality filter, then select High.

  3. Set the List Count as 2 or more. See how many records this returns and increase the list count as needed to further narrow down the results.

  4. Click Apply.

This will show records that are on a high-quality list and are also listed on multiple lists, meaning they have multiple reasons why they may need to sell. This type of segmentation will allow you to learn about your prospects more and will allow you to spend your marketing funds more effectively on your higher quality prospects.

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