There are multiple options you have for finding prospects, including in the field and on the Invelo platform.

In the Field

You should create and upload your own lists into Invelo from activities that you complete “in the field,” including:

  • Driving for dollars

  • Preforeclosures

  • Tax delinquents or code violations from your local municipality

  • Evictions from your courthouse

  • etc.

Once you create your in-the-field prospect lists, you can import them into Invelo to cross-reference them and find your high-quality prospects.

Visit the Building Prospect Lists Academy course to learn more about building lists in the field.

In Invelo

List Builder helps you create lists of prospects based on geographical location, property details, MLS information, and owner info.

Search for prospects with List Builder

  1. Click the List Builder tab.

  2. Enter the geographic location you want the property to be in by entering the city, county, and/or zip code.

  3. To narrow down your results, there are over 100 different criteria you can use that are broken down into three additional sections:

    • Property Info: Select your property filters, then enter the minimum and maximum amounts or select the checkboxes that fit each criteria. For example, to find properties where the resident has lived there for a specific number of years, select the Length of Residence filter, select the checkboxes you want to apply, and click Add Filter.

    • MLS Status: Select your MLS filters and enter the data that fits your criteria. For example, if you only want to see properties that have an expired MLS listing, select the Listing Status filter, select Expired, and click Add Filter.

    • Owner Info: Select your owner info filters and enter the data that fits your criteria. For example, to see only properties that are absentee owned, select Owner Occupied Status, select Absentee Owned In-State and Absentee Owned Out-Of-State, and click Add Filter.

    Important: For any of the filters above, click the Unknown checkbox to search specifically for properties that don't have the data listed.

    Once all criteria is entered, your filters may look like the following:

  4. To save and apply your filters:

    1. (Optional) Click the Save icon to save your criteria to reuse later. (Paid plans only - upgrade here)

    2. Click Apply Filters to run a property search using your filters.


  • You can also use one of Invelo's preset filters to narrow down your results. Simply, select your geography and then one of the preset filters at the bottom of the screen.

  • To use a saved preset, click Presets. Then select your preset from your personal, shared, or Invelo lists. (Paid plans only - upgrade here)

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