Click any record to see additional details on the property or contacts under the Property and Contacts tabs.


Whether you import your records from List Builder or your own database, Invelo will try to identify the property and map it with its property details. If the property details are available, the Property tab will show the Building Details, Property Characteristics, Land Info, Estimated Value, Tax Info, MLS Details, and Last Sale Info.


In the Contacts tab, you can view and manage the addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses listed for the property contacts.

Add a contact

  1. Scroll down below any listed contacts and click Add Contact.

  2. Enter the contact's name and click Create New Contact.

Add or edit contact details

  1. Click Expand for any contact to view additional details.

  2. To add a mailing address, phone number, or email address, click the Add button under that section.

Set as primary

Setting primary contacts and contact details is very important because it will directly impact your marketing efforts. All marketing is sent to the primary contact for each record, and it is sent to the contact information that is set as the primary. Primary contacts and contact information are highlighted with a yellow star.

To change the primary contact or contact information, click the star icon for a different one.

Mark as Do Not Call or Do Not Mail

To ensure that marketing efforts are not sent to a specific contact's address or phone number, you can mark their information as Do Not Call or Do Not Mail.

  1. Click Expand for any contact to view additional details.

  2. Find the contact information that you don't want to market to.

    1. Click Don't Mail next to the mailing address you don't want to market to.

    2. Click Don't Call next to the phone number you don't want to market to.

Note: If you mark a primary phone number or address as Don't Call or Don't Mail, you'll have to select a new primary.

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