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How to verify and scrub record data
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Invelo’s powerful skip tracing engine locates the top five (5) contacts for any property, as well as their mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. This service also automatically:

  • Provides mailing addresses as deliverable or undeliverable.

  • Specifies if the property is vacant.

  • Labels Do Not Call contacts as DNC if it is found on the state or federal DNC registry. (states excluded are MA, MS, MO, OK, TN, LA)

  • Identifies phone numbers as a landline or mobile phone.

  • Scrubs contacts for litigators (someone with a higher lawsuit risk)

  • Identifies corporate-owned properties under LLCs.
    Note: Invelo’s corporate skip tracing engine provides you with a contact name from the LLC as well as a mailing address you can use to contact them for an additional 5 cents per corporate record.

You can skip trace a property address or specific contacts either individually or in bulk.

Skip trace a single record

When you run a skip trace for an individual record, you’ll receive the data instantly. You can skip trace an individual record one of two ways:

  • By skip tracing the property record

  • By skip tracing individual contacts within the record

Skip tracing property records

Select the checkbox next to a record and then click Skip Trace.

Note: Additionally, you can open any record and click Skip Trace inside the record. If the record has never been skip traced, you can click the purple banner.

In the Skip Trace modal for Individual records, you can customize the skip trace:

  • The automatic and recommended selection is to skip trace the primary contact only. Invelo typically provides a primary contact and a golden star is beside this contact to signify same.

  • If you select the "Find and add more contacts" checkbox, Invelo skip traces the property address only and finds up to 4 more contacts and their contact information. This option is only recommended if you are sure that the primary contact provided is not an owner, for example, in the case of deceased owners for properties.

Skip tracing a property contact

You can skip trace an individual, trust or corporate contact on a record by clicking the Skip Trace icon next to the contact. It will use the contact’s name and mailing address to skip trace the contact for additional mailing addresses, phone numbers, and emails. For contacts without a mailing address, the search will use the contact’s name and the property address.

Once an individual has been skip traced, their contact card will show skip traced as well as the date of the last skip trace.

Skip trace multiple records at once

To skip trace records in bulk, select the checkbox for two or more records in your prospects, leads, or deals database and click Skip Trace.

The automatic selection is to run a skip trace for the primary contact on each record. If a record has no contacts, the search will automatically find new contacts.

In the menu, you can customize the skip trace:

  • If you select the "Find and add more contacts" checkbox, you’ll skip trace the property address only to find up to four more contacts.

  • If you select the "Include previously Skip Traced contacts" checkbox (optional), you’ll skip trace the primary contact even if they were skip traced previously.

Once your skip tracing results are complete, you’ll receive a notification in your alerts.

Important: Your wallet balance must have a sufficient amount of funds before you can order skip tracing services.

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