Exporting from InvestorHub

Exporting your records from InvestorHub into Invelo is an easy process that we have outlined below and through this video. We recommend that you export 50,000 records at a time to ensure your exporting process runs smoothly.

  1. Log in to your InvestorHub account and click the Leads tab on the left.

  2. For systems with less than 50,000 records, click the dropdown button next to the Property Address header and then select Select All. For systems with over 50,000 records, follow the process in this video to break your database down into 50,000 segments.

  3. Click Export, then enter the details for the export and click Export.

  4. Click History, then Export.

  5. When the status of your export displays Completed, click the Download button.

  6. Open your CSV file to review your data and delete any columns that you will not be importing into Invelo. Use the following chart as a guide.

Directly Map into Invelo

Direct Map into Invelo with some Considerations

Import into Invelo as a Custom Field (optional fields)

Property Address

Property City

Property St

Property Zip

Mailing Address

Mailing City

Mailing St

Mailing Zip

Lead List Type

Mobile Phone 1

Mobile Phone 2

Mobile Phone 3

Landline Phone 1

Landline Phone 2

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3


Import either:

  • Full Name


  • First Name

  • Last Name

List Name

Lead List Quality

Leadlist Count

Marketing Batch

Number of Marketing Activities

Is Validate

Is Vacant



Sold Date


Import Date

Agent Name

Agent Address

Agent Phone

Lead Id


User Id

Vacant Date

Dnc Date

Litigator Date

Last Sold Checked

Last Homeowner Checked

Phone Email Append

Update Undeliverable

Undeliverable Data

Last Status Change Date

Removed Date

Pulled Date

Is Undeliverable

Created At

Updated At

Is Skiptrace

Skiptrace Date

Is Deleted Flag

Assessed Value



Owner 2 First Name

Owner 2 Last Name

Latest Marketing Date

Repeat this process for your Removed Leads database.

Importing into Invelo

Importing into Invelo is a 2 step process. We have outlined the process below and through this video.

Tip: Make sure you have upgraded to the correct plan to accommodate the size of your database. Also, if you are using custom fields, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. You can review the features for each plan here.

Create your lists

  1. Before importing your records, you will need to copy all of the Lists that your records are assigned. To do that, log in to your Invelo account and click your profile image, then System Settings.

  2. This will open to the Lists page. This is where you will create all of the Lists that are associated with the records that you are importing.

Import your records

  1. Click on Prospects, then Add Records.

  2. Click inside the grey box and navigate to the location of the first file and then click Open.

  3. Select Manual Mapping and then map all of the fields that you want to import. Make sure to map your lead_list_type field to Invelo's List field and create custom fields as needed.

  4. Then create a temporary list to put all of your records on (don't worry, we will delete this list later. This is used to ensure that all of your records make it onto at least one list since this was not a requirement in InvestorHub.)

  5. Select tags as needed

  6. Click Import Records

  7. If you want to see the status of your Import, click History. Otherwise, Invelo will notify you once your records have been imported with an email and in-app notification.

  8. Repeat the import process for any additional files.

Congratulations! You have successfully migrated into Invelo.

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