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How to see property, contact, and marketing data for a record

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You can click any record to see additional data, including the

  • property details

  • property contacts

  • marketing campaigns the record is in

  • activity, notes, and tasks on the record

Additionally, as records move to different stages (for example, from a prospect to a lead), new tabs become available inside the record.

  • The Lead tab unlocks once a record becomes a lead.

  • The Deal tab unlocks once a record becomes a deal.

Property Tab

Whether you import your records from List Builder or your own database, Invelo will try to identify the property and map it with its property details. If the property details are available, it will show the Building Details, Property Characteristics, Land Info, Estimated Value, Tax Info, MLS Details, and Last Sale Info.

Contacts Tab

The Contacts tab shows the contacts associated with the property as well as their contact information. For more information on how to add or update property contacts, check out this article.

Marketing Tab

The Marketing tab shows all marketing campaigns that the record is included in.

Lead Tab

The Lead tab unlocks once a record is moved to the Lead stage. This includes data on:

  • Details

    • the seller's motivation to sell

    • when they were last contacted

    • occupancy

    • reason for selling

    • sale timeline

    • whether the property is listed with an agent

    • the asking price

    • the property condition

    • other notes

  • Projected Analysis (these are details you can calculate and enter to help project the purchase value)

    • Deal type (wholesale, rehab, rental, etc.)

    • Deal type name

    • After repair value

    • Costruction costs

    • Holding costs

    • Purchase price

    • Projected profit

Deal Tab

The Deal tab unlocks once a record is moved to the Deal stage. This includes data on:

  • Purchase

    • Deal type

    • Purchase price

    • Project profit

    • Closing date

    • Closing agent

    • Terms

  • Holding/Other costs

    • Construction costs

    • Holding/other costs

    • Construction notes

  • Sale

    • Sale price

    • Closing date

    • Buyer

  • Analysis

    • Profit

    • Holding time (days)

    • Profit per month

    • Profit as a % of sale price

    • Return on investment

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