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Mapping fields on import
Mapping fields on import

How to map columns for a successful file import into Invelo

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When importing a file into Invelo, you can create new records and update existing records through stage changes, owner contact updates, custom field inputs, and more. A successful transition of data from your file to Invelo will depend on how you map your fields. You may or may not know if you have duplicate records in your file that already exist in your database. However, you should know the data quality of the list you are about to import.


Before mapping

You will need to choose which import type is best for the data within your file. There are two file import types: Properties Only or Properties & Owners. Each type has required fields for a successful import, listed in the link above.

We also recommend preparing your file before import to reduce import errors and a smooth import process.

Invelo mapping

Invelo offers 40 unique field options to map data into your database, all listed at the end of this article. After you upload your file, Invelo will try to automatically identify your column headers with Invelo fields.

  • Successfully mapped columns will appear in green with a green check mark.

  • Columns in white with a red X were not able to be mapped automatically. You may choose to bypass these columns or map manually with the drop down menu.

*Pro Tip: In this example, the column 'mobile_1' includes two Invelo fields: Phone 1 and Phone 1 Type. It is recommended to edit your file to include the phone number and the phone type to be mapped into Invelo.

  • Duplicate fields are highlighted in yellow with a caution icon.

    • In this example, Invelo identifies Full Name with First and Last Name as duplicate fields. You can choose to map Full Name OR First and Last Name in this example.

  • Custom Fields allow you to add a new type of data field to your records.

    • Once created, this field will be added to all of your records.

    • Use the dropdown menu and scroll to the bottom to create a custom field or select from previous created custom fields.

    • Custom Fields are only available on Paid Plans (Upgrade here).

  • You may have unmapped columns if you do not first prepare your file for import. Invelo will tell you how many columns are unmapped before moving to the next step.

    • Select 'Don't import data in unmapped columns' to bypass these fields.

  • Invelo allows you to manage contact and record data when importing a file into your database through existing values and primary values.

Manage existing values

During the mapping step, you can select to not overwrite data for existing records in the stage, status, phone type, phone status, email status, and custom fields. This option will appear as a check box to the right of an Invelo field if offered.

  • A checked box indicates the field for existing records will remain the same.

    • You may want to select this option if the data in your file is low quality or outdated.

  • A unchecked box indicates the field will overwrite the data of any existing record.

    • If you have a high quality, up to date, or niche list (i.e. Probate), you will likely want to update your primary contact and contact information. In this instance, do not select the 'Don't Overwrite' option under 'Manage Existing Values'.

Manage primary values

Similar to managing existing values, you can manage the primary values for contact name, mailing address, phone number and email. This option will appear on the far right as a check box if offered.

*Pro Tip: Invelo will automatically identify and assign the most up-to-date owner and mailing address for all valid property records. We highly recommend only selecting this option with niche lists like Probate, Inheritance, and Deceased lists where you may receive a transition of ownership before the assessor reports the new property owner.

  • A checked box indicates the data field will be made as your primary contact source for all new and existing records.

    • Use this option only for Probate, Inheritance and Deceased lists.

  • An unchecked box indicates the contact or contact information will be added to the record, but not made as primary.

    • Use this option for most file imports.

  • A record can only have one primary contact and one primary contact method for phone, email, and mailing address.

    • Below is an example of a record after import and skip traced to find the most up-to-date contact information, all using Invelo's database.

Mapping terms and definitions

Required fields: data required to create or update properties or owners within your Invelo database. Learn more about required fields for importing types.

Mapped: an indication if the column in your file is mapped (green check) or is not mapped (red X) to be imported into your database.

Preview values: show the first two lines of data in your file for all columns, not including the header row.

Column header: the name you've given each column in your file.

Invelo field: the Invelo database destination for each column's data.

Manage existing values: gives you the option to not overwrite data for existing records in the stage, status, phone type, phone status, and email status fields. You also have the option to not overwrite custom fields if created.

Don't overwrite: gives you the ability to maintain the data values for existing records.

Manage primary values: gives you the option to make an imported contact your primary contact or mailing address, phone, and email the primary contact info.
Make primary: import option that moves the selected contact or contact info as the primary contact source.
Primary contact: the individual designated to receive marketing and contact efforts.

Custom fields: allow you to add a new type of data field to your records. Once created, this field will be added to all of your records.

Invelo field mapping options

  • Property Address

  • Property City

  • Property State

  • Property Zip

  • Stage

  • Status

  • Lists

  • Tags

  • Full Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Middle Name

  • Suffix

  • Mailing Address

  • Mailing City

  • Mailing State

  • Mailing Zip

  • Mailing Status

  • Phone 1

  • Phone 1 Type

  • Phone 1 Status

  • Phone 2

  • Phone 2 Type

  • Phone 2 Status

  • Phone 3

  • Phone 3 Type

  • Phone 3 Status

  • Phone 4

  • Phone 4 Type

  • Phone 4 Status

  • Phone 5

  • Phone 5 Type

  • Phone 5 Status

  • Email Address 1

  • Email Address 1 Status

  • Email Address 2

  • Email Address 2 Status

  • Email Address 3

  • Email Address 3 Status

  • Custom Fields

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