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Why do total available records differ from total records in the filter?
How can I book a demo?
How do I disable Auto Add on a preset list?
What is Invelo?
What's the difference between the Starter and Paid plans?
How do I delete a list?
Is there a limit to the number of lists a record can be on?
Is there a way to download an imported list from my History?
What determines if an address is deliverable or undeliverable?
Do you have coverage in all states?
How much does skip tracing cost and what does it include?
What information does skip tracing provide?
What permissions do team members have?
I'm interested in real estate investing, but where do I start?
I have BiggerPockets Pro but don't have any paid for features from Invelo. Is there something I am missing?
Will skip tracing charge me if it only returns information I already had?
Can I use an API for calling or texting?
When will the Zapier integration release?
Why don't the Academy video links work for me?
How should I start marketing?
Where can I see example mailers, post cards, and door hanger designs?
How do I update my email address?
How do I invite my team member?
Is Invelo a mail house?
How can I try Invelo?
Can I use Invelo as a CRM?
How do I delete my Invelo account?
Are properties that have been sold automatically removed from my database?
Can I store records without a property address?
Is there a way to build a list by drawing an area in the map?
How often are mailing addresses verified?
Can Invelo work for properties outside the United States?
Are all postcards delivered by first class mail?
Can I market to 2 contacts at the same time for one property?
Can I edit a sequence once it's submitted?
Can Invelo identify cash buyers in a market?
Can Invelo pull prospective sellers list for land and homes with back taxes?
Why are my prospects showing as unavailable for a marketing campaign?
Why weren't my customized columns exported?
If I know a property is vacant but it isn't listed as vacant, can I move it to Vacant Records?
Does Invelo have a number I can call for customer service?
Does the Remove Duplicates feature search the entire database?
How accurate is the skip traced data?
If a record is on multiple lists with different qualities, which quality will it be?
When does the monthly List Builder allotment start and finish?
How do I remove a record from marketing?
If records are on an absentee list, do they get removed from that list automatically when they're no longer absentee?
How can I customize the design and layout of my direct mail?
Will records be automatically removed from my campaign if they go on the MLS?
Can I get a refund on my wallet amount?
Can I select individual properties from the search results in List Builder?
How accurate is the data in List Builder?
How successful will my RVM campaign be?
Can I change the quality for all records in a lead list at once?
Can I upload a CSV file of addresses to skip trace all at once?
What's the difference between a list and a tag?
I've uploaded my records to the wrong list, what do I do?
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